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We built Upparel to produce quality fashion that’s good for you, good for the environment and good for all people.

Fashion: We strive to make beautiful, high-quality clothing that meets your individual style. We believe in looking good for less and offering socially and environmentally responsible options to every person around the globe.

Environment: It’s vital that we take care of our planet. Our upcyling process reduces waste by making use of existing fabric discarded by other clothing factories— fabric that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. This, in turn, also cuts down the enormous amounts of water, chemicals and energy that would otherwise be required to make new material for our garments. We vow to be a zero waste operation by using everything we bring into the factory — that means making use of every single scrap of fabric that would ordinarily be wasted by repurposing it for smaller products, whether it’s a charming handbags or unique hair accessories.

People: We believe in the value of all people— from marketing managers and designers to those individuals who bring our patterns to life with needle and thread. We ensure our workers are given fair wages, a healthy, safe and happy work environment and a nurturing community of support. We are building Upparel to be a happy culture and an environment that is both authentic and empowering. We treat our customers fairly, too, producing clothes of the highest quality that are fair trade certified. We act with honesty and accountability in everything we do.