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Nestled in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, The Visible Tailoring Center stands as a change maker in the fashion world, which is notorious for human rights violations across the globe. We believe that fashion can and should be fair, ethical and sustainable. We believe in transparency — revealing the true costs of fashion and the social impact on the real people making your clothing.

Quality Clothing

The center sits in Dharamsala, which is the political and spiritual capital for Tibetan refugees and home to the Dalai Lama. For nearly two decades, our team of tailors and seamstresses have masterfully refined their craft, developing impeccable garments and accessories of the highest quality. All garment manufacturing is done in-house. During the manufacturing process we do quality checks at each stage.

During production, our tailors check the measurements and construction of the item. After production, they examine the fabric, seams, alignment, and overall look. They also remove loose threads and inspect accessories such as zips, buttons, and labels. After pressing and during packaging, our tailors also do a final visual survey.

Good for the Environment

 Fashion is notoriously bad for our Earth, requiring tons of fresh water to grow the fibers used in our fabrics and to dye the material. The production often leads to dumping chemicals into our ground and wastewater. Very few, if any, fashion houses are required to report recycling of their fabrics — some estimates put that waste at  40 times more than residential waste. Our operation is working to become a zero waste production facility. That means every single scrap of fabric is used to make accessories, whether it’s decorative hair barrettes, handy tote bags or inspiring notebooks. We hope that by consumers supporting our work, we can together be a force for good in the world.

Good for People

 As a certified member of the Fair Trade Forum India (affiliated with the World Fair Trade Organization), our 17-year-old facility was built on the idea that human rights must be upheld and that everyone should be treated equally. Our 40 employees hail from a wide range of cultural and spiritual backgrounds— including Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cultures and various faiths, including Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim. They will always be treated fairly, regardless of race, religion or gender. We guarantee a work environment that is fair, safe, and non-exploitative. It is a place where our tailors earn a dignified living regardless of their race, caste, religion, gender, or age.

That belief goes beyond simply providing a proper wage and a yearly bonus. We also provide our tailors with on-site childcare and help with school fees. We operate with an open-door policy in which our staff has direct access to the company executives without fear of retaliation. We celebrate life together with several parties throughout the year. It’s more than a workplace. It’s a family.

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How Does Visible Tailoring Center Hire?


Upparel produces all its clothes at The Visible Tailoring Center, a fair trade certified facility located in Dharamsala in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. Dharamsala is the political and spiritual capital for Tibetan refugees, and home to the Dalai Lama. There are currently over 40 staff, spanning Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian cultures, and encompassing Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim faiths employed at the factory.

The Visible Tailoring Center is a 17-year old facility producing clothes that are made in line with our core values of fairness, sustainability and fun. We are fair trade certified under the Indian Fair Trade Association. Founded on the belief that human rights must be upheld and that everyone should be treated equally, we want to make whats behind the clothes visible - not the nudity, but the costs, the people and the social impact.

The Visible Tailoring Center is working towards becoming a zero waste production facility.